New Year, New Stuff!

New Year, New Stuff! Evil Laboratory


Breathe in that air! It's a fresh new year for even more villainy!

As with most laboratory experiments, the laboratory's opening was off to a rocky start, but the pandas and I feel like we've really got things figured out around here, very much thanks to the feedback we received from many of our early visitors. There's still more to build upon, but this is a good start. To celebrate the lab's new look and features, we're kicking off the new year by dropping some new designs!

Also, some VERY good news...

The Pandas tell me our secret discount code system will be ready soon. Stay tuned for details!


New Website Features!

  • NEW Filters & Collections
  • NEW Product pages with info banners
  • NEW Alternate product links
  • NEW Prices on various items
  • NEW Aesthetic fixes
  • IMPROVED Website speed

New Products!

  • Vector Notebooks
  • Elite Notebooks
  • 2 New Art Designs!



New Notebooks

Vector Notebooks

  • Softcover notebooks with dotted pages and two-sided printed covers

Elite Notebooks

  • Thick, stylish hardcover notebooks with an elastic strap and color-matching paper edges


Alternate Product Links

Some products come in multiple varieties, like cotton and soft style shirts. Now, you can easily switch between these alternate product styles from the product page.


Stay tuned and let us know what we can do to improve!

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