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In a world gone mad, we're here to support all the villains out there scheming to "come up" this year, or ever! It's never too early to start working toward your own success.

Villainy, Satire, Comedy, Pandas, Art & Science

Evil Laboratory is YOUR SOURCE for all things villainous! Keep track of villains around the world with the Villain Feed or get an edge over your competition with the Mad Science Journal. Each article is full of satirical comedy, and the whole site is saturated with adorable pandas, beautiful art, and a love of science.

Who has time to keep track of everything that's happening? Now you can come to the Evil Laboratory for short, entertaining and informative articles, while gearing up for a productive work or school day.

Students, Teachers, Writers & Designers

Our Notebook rewards program is perfect for anyone who goes through notebooks like candy. The more notebooks you buy, the cheaper they get! We've got three different notebooks and that's just the beginning.

A notebook with a pocket for organization, a dotted front and back print notebook great for notes and illustration, and a stylish hardback notebook with an elastic band are versatile options for students and professionals. Soon, Evil Laboratory will be your one stop shop for notebooks.

Not just that, but we have speakers, insulated food and beverage containers (stasis pods and mugs), and other tools to maximize the effectiveness of any hard-working villain out there!

Journaling, Fitness Tracking & Tabletop Gaming

Journaling is GREAT for your mental health and very efficient for those looking to keep track of their health or tabletop characters. Notebooks are an amazing tool used by many of the most effective and successful people in the world.

Do you want to be successful? Do you want to keep yourself accountable? Do you want to journal your thoughts, dreams, communications with non-physical entities, plots, or ideas? Do you want positive, fun art to stand out from the crowd? Do you need to keep character sheets mixed in with hand-written notes or spell books? You're in the right place!

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You've found your brethren here at Evil Laboratory. Gear up, follow us on social media, and together, let's take over the world!


Years ago I genetically engineered an army of super-intelligent pandas. I must have made a mistake somewhere because they turned out super-competent but super-dumb.

As a result, they make fantastic crafts and build many of the inventions designed in the lab after orders are placed.

Don't worry, they don't bite!

Show me the cuteness!