Welcome to Evil Laboratory!

Welcome to Evil Laboratory! Evil Laboratory

Welcome one and all to the Evil Laboratory! 
Feast your eyes on my designs and machinations in preparation for ultimate world conquest!

Our governments and established institutions have been infested with corrupt, greedy villains. Now that it is our time to shine, we can finally obnoxiously jam our ideals down everyone's throats! Sharing is for wussies! Compassion is for casuals! The status quo is the way to go! There are many of us hidden in the cracks of society and its time to come out. No more crack houses for us! So, let us celebrate this time and brazenly show off our love for villainy in this new era of petty, irrational hatred.

Many said I was insane, but I knew this day would come! In anticipation of it, I engineered a small army of genetically enhanced pandas. They were designed to be super intelligent, but turned out to somehow be super-competent yet super-dumb... I must have miscalculated somewhere. Still, they are excellent builders and make fantastic crafts. My adorable panda army also likes to make me cute, motivational items, which I figure I can share with you all as well.

Here, you can find the tools that YOU need to stand out as a top-notch villain. We have scientifically engineered accessories like notebooks to help you keep track of plots, ideas, blueprints, lists of names to cross off, whatever you want, and look cool doing it! I will also be sharing some of my research through blog posts packed with cutting-edge scientific knowledge to help villains around the world take their plots to the next level.

Feel free to explore the laboratory's wares, then go forth and spread the word to fellow villains... let us come together here at the Evil Laboratory and take over the world!

Enjoy your time here! 
It is mandatory.

- The Mastermind

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