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Clickable Slideshow Plus

Clickable Slideshow Plus

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After making the Free Clickable Slideshow, we wanted something with a little more flexibility, so we created the Clickable Slideshow Plus! Built from the free version, the Plus version has many more features so you can be as loud or as minimalist as you want!

The Clickable Slideshow Plus lets you add drop shadows and colors to text and text boxes so you can add important information to your banner while keeping your text searchable. Check out all the cool tools below!

Clickable image slideshow
Drop shadow switches
Opacity control
Box radius control
Header and Subhead color picker
Text box and shadow switches
Shadow color picker
Hide/tuck away slideshow navigation
Box stroke and padding controls
Drop shadow position controls

The Free Clickable Slideshow is compatible with Dawn 12.0
This slider has only been tested with the Dawn Theme

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