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Icon Tower

Icon Tower

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The Icon Tower is an easy-to-use custom section that will improve your visual and layout options when building your Shopify store.

The Icon Tower is an improved version of the multicolumn. Fluidly stack elements and not be as restricted to a block layout, turn the title into a hyperlink, and use transparent images to make your elements pop off the screen with a unique silhouette. Even better, if you have a lot of elements, you can turn on Carousel for desktop to keep the browsing experience smooth on desktop and mobile.

The Collections navigation bar on this website, as well as bundles displays and other elements like it all use the Icon Tower. There is a Multicolumn on the Guide page for comparison.


Stack elements in an adaptive grid
Linked header options
Link text options
No theme color interference
Header and Subhead color picker
Carousel on desktop

The Icon Tower is compatible with Dawn 12.0
This element has only been tested with the Dawn Theme

Design Notes

Villainously stylish

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